Why are women at their SEXIEST after a break up?? 

Ever notice that after a break up, women tend to BREAK OUT of their monotonous schedule and add in a little SPICE?? I mean, its classic. They begin to post better selfies, grow out their hair , work out , and keep themselves up way more than they did pre break up. 
Now, most people will attribute this to the fact that they want to Show their exes what they are missing. Lol I can see that, and I can understand that, but I think there is s deeper reason here. 

Women are usually giving beings. We tend to give our partners all of us! Our time, our focus, and that can stop us from taking care of ourselves. But when that focus and concentration is broken, we now have a plethora of time and energy to devote to ourselves. That extra 2 hours we would have spent talking to our mate, or preparing their favorite foods, we can now devote to a new fitness regimine or finding that new job! 

Women are dynamic creatures and with the flip of our new hair do can accomplish things we never imagined!! 

Also, when women are going through a heart break, we are a force that can not be reckoned with! Our lives are now laced with a  “I don’t give two fucks” attitude. We become savage. This doesn’t mean we aren’t the same loving creatures, it just means for the time being, we are holding our love for only our family , friends, and ourselves. We are becoming rightfully selfish. This mixture of devestation and selfishness can breed the perfect grounds for new opportunities. 

This new, RAW level that we have reached is what makes a woman so SEXY. Being sexy is all about being your most authentic, raw self. And breakups strip you of your protective outer shell and leave you exposed.

A woman who has just had a breakup also has an air of wild recklessness about her. She’s experienced the worst thing (or at least what she thinks it’s the worst thing) that could possibly happen to her, so she’s fearless now.

he’ll drink all the champagne in the champagne bottle. She’ll quit her job if she hates it. One moment, she’s hysterically laughing like a maniac, and the next moment, she’s sobbing mascara tears onto her white designer jeans.

This unsteadiness becomes spontanaiety. She becomes exciting , and men love that. 

This Raw, spontaneous GLOW is what makes a woman so sexy and alluring after a break up. 

Now…if you are a woman in a relationship , don’t worry. You can achieve this same glow, break up free.

 The key to this is taking control of your life. Little things like, taking out time for yourself to work out each day, a new hair do, or focusing more time on YOUR needs can give you this same glow. Mothers may have a bit of a problem with this part. Children need habit and that’s understandable, but maybe a new sitter can help you free up your schedule and help you find the time necessary to get your “groove back”. You would be surprised what a weekly yoga class could do for your body, and your mindset. 

Thanks for reading!


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