..and that’s when I knew, I could trust no one but My HUSTLE

Happy throwback Thursday  loves! This week I wanted to have story time and share one of my toughest times in college. 

This moment taught me what I could accomplish and how to wiggle out from between that rock and that hard place.

Back in 2009, I was a student at Georgia Southern University and  working at the Olive Garden in Statesboro, Ga aka the “boro” aka “StatesBORING”. StatesBORING was a fair name…considering that without the school,  Statesboro , GA would be just another sleepy town nestled in south Georgia.

Anywayssss, I was a full time student  working 30+ hours at Olive Garden during the week and trying to catch the hose extra shifts on the weekends. Basically, I was on a MISSION. I had rent to pay, a phone bill, and ya know…food and El somb to pay for!! (El Somb(short for Sombrero) was a Mexican restaurant that I frequented…FREQUENTLY lol) and unlike the other students around me, I did not have a refund check to live off of. Each year I would take out JUST enough money in loans to pay my tuition and books. Sounded oh so smart until I saw students wheeling out flat screens on the government’s dime and I was stuck watching a ten inch at the the crib! LOL 

But I had things changed for me when I got my car!! My mom passed down her old 05 Toyota Corolla to me and I was STOKED!! My step dad had a new stereo system put in and even TINTED my windows!! Hunny I was rollin in STYLE,you hear me??!! I would go to the car just to listen to music lol  I even named the new addition..Ezekiel aka Zeke. I was in love and was SO appreciative!!! 

Fast forward to about 8 month to a year laTer. My mom and step dad were going through some tough times and I was pretty pissed at the way he was treating her. I said some rude things to him. Things I regret but that I completely still stand by haha. I will back my family till the end and if you know me , you know that is just how I am. You hurt them , I will want to hurt you. And I used my words too hurt him. Oh well he had something planned for Me!!

About 2 weeks later, I walked outside to me car after a long night shift to find it being wheeled away on a flat bed!! My car was being REPO’D!! I was devastated and rideless! I walked back in and asked my coworker for a ride fighting back tears.

My step dad had taken the car back…and in STYLE TOO! ! LMAO

That moment solidified the fact that you cant trust anyone but your hustle. My step dad had raised from 9 years old and up, and he chose to do this. Mind you, I WAS disrespectful. He had never, EVER  been cruel to me, and his situation with my mom had NOTHING to do with me. And I acted out of emotion and said horrible things. But damn. You gonna take my ride???

For 7 months after I worked, caught rides, worked, went to class, worked, caught more rides and hailed plenty of taxis in between. Finally , I had saved up enough money to buy a little red 98 Honda civic, her name was Lola. My friends  Jemarcus and Jess came with me. Jemarcus checked under the hood and gave me a thumbs up, I passed the $2500 to the man, and we rode OUT!!! I was so HAPPY. and most of all proud that I could do it. I was mobile again… I thanked every single person who gave me rides and now that I was mobile , I would give rides to ANYONE in need that I knew. 
Life throws curveballs…and OFTEN. But when you believe in yourself , put your pride to the side , and WORK HELLA HARD, you can achieve your goals!! 

Ps I have since forgiven AND apologized to my step dad. Lol


One comment on “..and that’s when I knew, I could trust no one but My HUSTLE”
  1. SauceBox says:

    Awesome story!! Good stuff! You’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it!

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