4 big bust problems that I am happy to have. 

Happy Wednesday yall!

Since I’ve joined the over A cup squad , I’ve noticed some changes in things I can wear as well as the way people look at me now. I’m NOT complaining. These problems are so much better than not being able to actually FULL a bra haha! BUT this is rather an ode to the larger breast women out there! I get it now.
1. Say goodbye to button up shirts

Unfortunately, button up shirts aren’t sized by your breast size, meaning, there will always be an incredible hulk thing going on if you wear your size shirt, and then if you go a size up, you run the risk of looking droopy and the shirt being quote unflattering.
2. Every thing becomes erotica 

Once your boobs have reached a certaim size, the cutest, most innocent tops become XXX. That little V neck shirt with hello kitty on it has now become a cleavage trap and you just know you’ll receive some interesting looks if you decide to wear this out.
3. NO more caped and draped clothing

Gone are the days of wearing the draped blouse. These shirts now resemble circus tents when you wear them. Just…don’t do it. 
4.   Ticking time bomb

The life cycle of my bras have definitely been cut short. Yes, I can find some little $35 Victoria Secret bras in my size but these bras won’t last long. Soon, a piece of thread will surface, then unravel, then one day youll realize the entire day you have been playing with fire and could have fallen apart at any time that day. The key is to buy GOOD bras. And keep those little foo foo bras for the loinge around days. 

I feel blessed to have these problems now , but hey, it’s just changed my lifestyle a bit. 
Thanks for reading! 


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