To Live&Die in LA!



Los Angeles , California is one of those cities that seems to call people. Over 10 million Artists, musicians, models, actors, bakers, fashion designs, techies, foodies, and everyone in between inhabit the greater Los Angeles Area.  Whether you have been there, or plan on visiting one day, let me tell you why L.A. is one of the best cities in the U.S.


First off, let me give you some insight to my history with the west coast. I spent my first three years of high school at Seaside High in NorCal (northern California). Imagine a beach across the street from your school, a huge, college sized campus, a laid-back environment, and a skinny chick with bad bangs hanging with the artistic, anime reading types as well as the jocks. That skinny chick was me, and my bangs were HORRIBLE. That was my high school experience before moving to Georgia and it was amazing. But the vibe in Northern California is entirely different from SoCal (southern California).


L.A. is a grown-ups playground and oasis. Los Angeles is a place where you come to prosper, learn, party, EAT, and network! But let me stop rambling and get into WHY LA is the best city in the U.S.

Issa Vibe: The Lifestyle

Every time I land in Los Angeles there is this feeling of calmness and excitement all at once that comes over me. It begins to simmer as the pilot announces our decent into L.A. It starts bubbling as I pass the “Filling Station” restaurant in the terminal. And as I pass through the sliding doors to my uber it surely bubbles over. I love this feeling. LA is a mystery and full of surprises, and yet those old familiar places seem to get better with every trip. No matter how many times you visit you could never see all the city has to offer.

Maybe it’s the beaches that makes everyone seem so much more relaxed in LA…maybe it’s the sunshine. Whatever it is , it is WORKING. From the sun tanned, yoga wearing squads to the oh so fashionable , all black wearing mods; people in LA tend to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. This could be because out of 365 days, LA locals enjoy 329 days of sunshine, and less than 15 inches of rain a year! (singing “it never rains in Southern California”) When there is beauty all around you, who WOULDN’T want to take a stroll, hike Runyon, or simply stroll down rodeo?


As previously mentioned, LA county is home to over 10 million people. The county spans over 88 cities and over 100 private communities. The residents of this county represent over 140 countries and speak over 100 different languages. This makes LA one of the most diverse cities in the WORLD. No matter where you are from, you will find a community where you can find the food from your homeland, and cure your culture shock! Chinatown, Koreatown, Filipino town, Westlake, Little Armenia, Echo Park, Eagle rock, are just a few of these places.

“Money, money, money, MooooonnAAAY…MONAAYYY”:

With Los Angeles attracting millions of visitors throughout the year, jobs are plentiful! LA employs over 400,00 people in tourism and hospitality, over 87,000 in Fashion, 700,000 people in health services, and 190,000 in aerospace/technology.

Remember the tech BOOM?? Yea, that happened right there in Silicon Valley in Los Angeles County! And where do you think all that money is being spent??? Right there in LA baby!

LA’s population alone creates a high demand for all kind of products and services. LA’s economy has reached over 500 BILLION DOLLARS. That’s a larger economy than places like Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Sweden (and remember, LA is…just a state).

If that didn’t catch your attention, why not start a business? LA offers incredible incentives on large and small scale businesses. And with 10 million people in the county, SOMEONE will buy your service or product.


“I get around…round and round…round we go”

            We have all heard about LA traffic and their nightmarish freeway gridlocks, but if you’re using your feet to get around, it’s smooth sailing!

LA offers subways, railways, buses and shuttles for their millions of locals to get from one corner of the Greater Los Angeles Area (over 88 cities). They are top 10 in public transportation in the country, actually.


Entertainment and Foodies

Last week was Spring break 2017! I stayed in Hollywood for the entire week, and I enjoyed walking and exploring. Throughout the week, I walked about 3 blocks each way. EVERY restaurant I tried was amazing!! Los Angeles is a foodie’s dream! Vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, whatever you want you will find it…and it will be the BEST of what you want.

Los Angeles is sitting on the Pacific Ocean, making it the prime area for some of the freshest seafood around. Its proximity to Hollywood provides the area with the worlds most renown chefs and their restaurants. But you don’t have to be on a ballers budget to eat well in LA. Food trucks line the streets during certain parts of the day where you can eat a full meal for 5 bucks.


LA certainly has NO shortage on things to do. LA has 5 major theme parks, as well as a dozen minor ones. Over 100 museums, a dozen zoos and aquariums, and 10 professional sports teams that call Los Angeles home. Want to go out and do something outside? The city boasts more than 75 miles of coastline with beaches, water activities, 24 thousand acres of parks, hundreds of miles of hiking/ biking trails, and a nearby mountain that gets an average of 132” of snow each year! So whether you want to lay out in the sun or SKI , LA got you!


We all know about Hollywood, the countless music companies that have a home in LA, and the amazing shopping. I won’t elaborate on those subjects. I will simply say, If im lucky…I will live and die in LA! #GOALS


Thanks for reading !!


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