Becoming a full time Entrepreneur: somewhere between Oprah and Homeless

A common misconception of entrepreneurship is that this is a wildly lucrative path. I mean…Yea, Jeff Bezos (( founder of started his company in his garage and ended up with a net worth of over 70 BILLION DOLLARS..Success stories happen! But for the average entrepreneur, working for yourself can be quite humbling. 

I have always had a job. Since I was 17, I earned my own check. I was a good worker too. I was a prized employee at EVERY job I’ve EVER had. (My first job was “Sandwich Artist” at the local Subway πŸ˜‚…but I was a PRIZED Sandwich artist damnit!) 

In college I picked up two jobs, and when I graduated and decided to move to a brand new city (ATL, h*e!) I found myself in school, working full time as a CNA, and moonlighting as Host/ Server at a local bar. I liked to stay busy!…and I like MONEY. I was not afraid to work, smile, and collect the check. But I WAS getting tired of working so hard for someone else’s gain! 
Once I was finished with school and decided that Becoming an registered nurse WASNT what I really wanted, I started a cleaning service. I began cleaning for my boyfriend’s bachelor friends who stayed in beautiful condominiums in the midtown and downtown area. I made quick cash and I really felt good about coming in to disaster and leaving a little piece of sanitized heaven behind. 
Some weeks, I would bring in more money than I was making at my second job. And after a while, I had quit hosting and serving! I now worked night shift as a CNA for an amazing 94 year old, and by day I would tidy up midtown and downtown Atlanta. 

Soon, I grew tired of not being able to go out of town when I wanted…I became…boujie with my time lol. So I quit the job I LOVED but only made $10 an hour doing 😩 and became a full time entrepreneur! 

I find myself here 3 years later, with a profiting business , however , I ain’t no Oprah Winfrey! I pay my bills and help my employees pay their bills as well but , MAN, I would sure like to buy myself something nice once in a while! And the hardest part about living off of referrals and clients is that , when they don’t want to spend their money, YOU DON’T MAKE IT. You can have a strong week and then find yourself staring at the phone the entire next week. It’s Scary! …And this my friends is where homelessness comes in πŸ˜‚ 
But seriously, being an entrepreneur is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I wasn’t born into a business, I was never trained to do this, but I’m learning…and now Rise Above Cleaning Service specializes in Luxury apartments, condos, and town homes in the metro Atlanta area. We even service Air BNBs (for a great price too might I add). 
Well that’s enough free solicitation, I hope you enjoyed this chatty blog and if you have any questions reply to this post from, DM me on IG @swepinthecity, or message me on FB @swepinthecity 

Visit my business website: !!



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