“Pre Pooing” : what it is, and 5 reasons your hair NEEDS it!

“Pre -Pooing” : what is it and why should I do it?
Pre Pooing is the term for saturating your dry, unwashed hair with a single or combination of oils before washing your hair with shampoo.
How long should the oil sit?
15-45 minutes
What’s the purpose??

These are the 5 main reasons you should add “Pre Pooing” to your curly hair regimine!



Natural , curly hair needs to be detangled during the washing process but if this is done with wet hair , damage is sure to occur. But if the hair is soaked with oil for about 30 minutes it has a lubricant that has softened it and will make it easier to detangle.

Avoiding SQUEAKY clean hair

When we use shampoo we all want our hair to be clean but not “squeaky” clean. Squeaky clean is a clear indication that you have strips your hair of all its natural oils. Pre pooing prevents this stripping


During the winter months with dry air and extreme temperatures, our hair can be especially dry. Pre pooing will prevent this and restore your hairs lost moisture.


If you’ve ever noticed, out conditioner goes way faster than our shampoo! Pre pooing can stop you from over using your conditioner! You won’t feel the need to over use because your hair will be flooded with moisture from the very beginning!


you should notice softer , shiner hair within the first pre poo! You will notice how your follicles have been restored showing great improvement of your hairs natural sheen and texture!

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