Why I kissed the ground when I returned from Egypt!


Hey lovies!!




Recently, I took an amazing trip to Cairo, Egypt.

I was stoked to finally see the great pyramids of Giza and learn , first hand, about the Kings and Queens of the FIRST ancient civilization. I walked  the sands of the people who created the first form of Paper. The first form of civilization as we know it! African royalty built these pyramids and tombs so that they would forever be immortalized, and here I was, looking at what was left from 4000 years before.




However, I was taken aback at the condition of the country.

As we rode in the van to the various site seeing exhibitions and museums, we saw piles and piles of trash on the side of the road. There were horses, cars, and camels sharing the road, not to mentions the THOUSANDS of stray dogs and cats that littered the streets. The constant honking of the horns was like a lullaby as I would fall asleep in the car everytime!  There were women carrying children across dangerous intersections, older children walking to and from school, and entrepreneurs selling things on the streets. Some of the women wore a full dress, covering their heads down to their feet; These are called “Burqas” . Some of the women wore only the “Hijabs” covering their hair. The rest of the women had fully embraced the western style of dress and wore jeans and t shirts





We decided to ride horses in the town to and from the pyramids. As we rode, beggars would walk along side us. Children who seemed very skilled at this , would look at you with disgust if you said you had no money. We stopped at a KFC after a long day and bought food for the people who had followed us, But nothing was ever enough! I eventually had to tell the people who were with me to just stop entertaining them, and ignore. We couldn’t save the city, and no matter how strong our American dollar was, we didn’t want to go broke.




Speaking of the strength of the dollar! For every U.S. Dollar, we received 15-16 egyptian pounds! This meant that 5 star meal that would usually be $100 plus in America would be $10 tops in Egypt.

I was a baller, and it felt great.


Being Americans, everyone saw us as dollar signs. The men would greet me as “Queen” and the young girls I was with as “Princesses”. They knew how to make us feel good, and they knew that with American flattery came money.




We mostly ate from the hotel, we would eat the awesome free buffet In the morning before going off exploring for the day, then we would eat snack while out and end the day with a feast at the dining table that was included in the Executive suite we were in.


Our tour guide, who was actually a certified Egyptologist, told us to be careful of where we bought food. Just as we couldn’t drink the water there, we had to be careful what food we ingested. The locals of Cairo who had grown uop there had acquired certain bacteria that prevented them from getting sick after drinking their water. As Americans, We did not have those bacteria in our guts, and we would become violently ill.


This is why everywhere we went, we were automatically served bottled water.




…In the end, I LOVED the trip! However, I KISSED the ground when I arrived back to the clean streets of Atlanta. We take our home for granted so much! It isnt until we see how other people and cultures live that we truly understand how good we have it here! We can complain about Donald Trump, and we can say “eff the police”. But we must understand how AMAZING our lives are, and the incredible oppurtunities we wake up to DAILY.




This is why I love to travel. It puts everything into prospective.




If you have anymore questions, please comment below or dm me on IG: @Swepinthecity




Thanks for reading!




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