The Boob Blog Part 2

…I woke up to PAIN. My incisions were on fire. For those first few moments I felt everything. The nurse told me this would happen. She explained how the anesthesia would have worn off and I would need to take a Morphine pill IMMEDIATELY after the surgery. So that moment between waking up and taking that pill would be….unpleasant. The nurse was the first face I saw. She was numb to my pain (she had seen it all before) but the second face I saw was my boyfriend. I began to tear up. I am not the kind of girl who cries often so I could see the concern on his face. When he saw my tears he knew I was in pain, and next thing I know….the pain was gone. The morphine was kicking in.


The next time I woke up, I was in bed. A straw was in my mouth, feeding me the most delicious Tomato Bisque soup I had ever had. My boyfriend knows me so well. And I wanted to cry because I was so happy. For the next four days I just remember waking up to breakfast essential shakes and oatmeal in the morning, soup in the afternoon, and at night he would ask “what are you in the mood for?” and I would rattle off something, anything and it would appear. I will forever be indebted to him for this. He took a weak, vulnerable moment for me and cradled me.

Looking back, I was quite spoiled lol, but if you can’t be spoiled by the man you love then who CAN you be spoiled by, huh??


Day 4 I decided to shower lol. I was so nervous. I was ultra-protective of my breasts. Rightfully so, however, they had just undergone MAJOR surgery. I was convinced if any ater came near them I would burn and die, but it was fine. I felt so much better.

I had enough morphine for 4 days then my meds switched to hydrocodone. I took the hydrocodone for two days but after that I couldn’t continue. The pills were making me sick. So from then on I would have to brave the pain myself. Other than pain meds, I was on medication for constipation, iron, calcium, antibiotics and  nausea. After taking all of these medications, my body was completely out of whack! I suffered from insomnia for almost two weeks. For the first time, I was thanking God for the 3 hours I would get from 6am to 9am.

My sleep being off track caused my appetite to waver as well. So for a week, I was an exhausted woman. By week three I was back supervising my cleaning service, and driving again, and I was able to sleep again!


…Now I am 4 months post op and I am in LOVE my new additions.



For the women who are thinking about getting a breast augmentation, I have 4 main points for you to think about:

  1. You will need someone RELIABLE to take care if you
  2. You will be on strong pain medication and will miss work and will be unable to drive for 3 weeks
  3. You will be unable to lift things over 5 pounds for 3 weeks (if you have small children, have a talk with them as to why you will be unable to pick them up and hold them for a while.
  4. Ladies, you will be instructed to NOT use birth control pills and any other form of hormonal for two weeks BEFORE and AFTER your surgery. Keep this in mind ladies!




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